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Re: [Debienna] Video review for mini-DC Vienna

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  • From: chrysn <chrysn AT>
  • To: Wouter Verhelst <w AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [Debienna] Video review for mini-DC Vienna
  • Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 15:39:11 +0200
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hi wouter,

> When's the schedule going to be public (so I can add it to our review
> system)? Alternatively, is it available in some easily parseable
> format?

the minidebconf schedule is also available on [1] in several formats,
one of which i'd assume should already be useable by your setup.

> Do you guys have a logo or some such? Someone needs create a set of
> title screens like
> (note: the text variations are *not* necessary, you just need an SVG
> file which has placeholders for the text, veyepar does the rest)? I
> can track down the source file for the Cambridge mini-DC or the one
> from dc15 if needs be, or someone can create a new one from
> scratch...?

i've prepared a little something at [2], will this do? (for some reaons
it looks broken in the browser -- wget it and open in inkscape and it
looks fine. (imagemagick converts it alright but seems to crop it -- if
you use that, add a white background rect or similar workaround to get
the 795x608px image with proper borders to the logos).

best regards


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  • Re: [Debienna] Video review for mini-DC Vienna, chrysn, 04/27/2016

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