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[Debienna] t-shirts: update

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  • Subject: [Debienna] t-shirts: update
  • Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 16:25:22 +0200
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hello local team,

tl;dr: everyone, answer 4.); also, reply if you know about vinyl cutter.

i've received news that the t-shirt production partner we had envisioned
is not capable of producing our shirts in time.

we thus fall back to plan b: we'll have t-shirts for the team only, and
print them with t-shirt foil on plain t-shirts. we will need the
following tasks done:

1.) adaption of design to foil compatible. reox, please update the
design to avoid small detail, thin lines and cusp corners. check
details with whoever can do 2.)

2.) the vinyl cutter is only available to authorized users. who in the
team has received the relevant instructions, and can do the actual

3.) we'll need the relevant base, in various male and female sizes. cuts
can vary, but we need consistent color. what shirts have proven

i can fetch stuff tomorrow or on wednesday, but i'm not authorized to
run the cutter.

4.) everyone in the team, i need your t-shirt sizes and the
name/nickname to print on it in case we personalize them. while you're
at it, drop me your cell phone number as well, so i can send it out to
the team members to make sure people are reachable during minidebconf.

my list of team members and volunteers so far contains

chrysn, rhonda, albert, helmut, aboll, reox, chris, nattie, mesut, clara

. if you receive this mail, are not on the above list, and want to
join the team and have a team shirt, *now* is the time to join.

und moege der saft uns niemals ausgehen

I shouldn't have written all those tank programs.
-- Kevin Flynn

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