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Re: [Debienna] [Debconf-video] video for minidebconf vienna 2016?

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  • From: chrysn <chrysn AT>
  • To: Stefano Rivera <stefanor AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [Debienna] [Debconf-video] video for minidebconf vienna 2016?
  • Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2016 19:42:09 +0200
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Hello Stefano,

thanks for taking this up.

On Sat, Apr 16, 2016 at 06:24:50AM +0200, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> I'm not particularly worried about that. I think we should be able to
> handle all likely scenarios. I'm assuming there's a VGA / HDMI input
> somewhere near the speaker's podium.

There is. (Which exactly I can only tell you when I've confirmed which
room we'll be using.)

> Other questions:
> * What is the layout of the room?
> * Where in the room is the input? (Ideally near the video desk at the
> back)

That, too, I can tell when I know which we use.

> * Will the venue lend us audio equipment? (wireless mics, XLR cable,
> mixer, mic stands) or must we ship from Paris? (Or hire locally?)
> * What connection? (XLR, ideally)

A mixer will be available (SCRFT EPM-6), which would already receive the
room audio. Wired mics should be available, but are unreliable.

> * Can we get audio into the venue's PA system?

AFAICT not. The setup is wired so we can extract audio, but injection
would require major changes in the wiring.

TBH, I'm not sure how those two statements fit together, I'm asking for

> I'm assuming we'd video this like a normal main DebConf talk room, which
> means 2 cameras, laptop output capture, 2 handheld, and 2 headset mics.
> Is that overkill?

From what I took away from a chat on debconf-video, that's the setup
that is established best and allows live finishing of the recording. It
is definitely sufficient.

> We need a few presences in the room:
> * A place at the back of the room for a desk and a camera.
> * A place at the front of the room for an audience-facing camera.
> * A desk next to the podium, holding equipment to capture the
> presenter's laptop, before feeding to the projector.

It is possible that split video output from the presenter desk is output
in the neighboring room. That shouldn't pose a problem, though, for
either we stick to the original setup with video capture at the
presenter's desk, or that laptop would capture the split video instead.
Would that laptop need someone to operate it, or is it just hardware
that is remote controlled?

> * Ethernet cable run from the podim and front camera to the desk at the
> back.

Would it help if I could arrange access to the location's wired network?
Is IP network (probably DHCP) sufficient, or do you need dedicated
switch ports?

Best regards

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-- Bene Gesserit axiom

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