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[Debienna] WwwSprint: Location fixed

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  • From: Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda AT>
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  • Subject: [Debienna] WwwSprint: Location fixed
  • Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 21:13:07 +0100
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Here are the results of the austrian jury: The location for the
WwwSprint is fixed. We will be staying at <>.
Actually they are running Debian on their servers, which made it easy
to get through to them. Thanks, Karin & Yves!

They allow us to use their conference room which has both a flipchart
and a beamer, and I asked wether they could offer at least one screen
which might be better to use than the beamer, not sure. There is also a
small fridge in the room, and some supermarket around the corners. Also,
they have a 10% discount through the website <> for
ordering food, so no need to starve. They have drinks for reasonable
fair price but we are of course free to bring along our own from the
shops, and they also have a small kitchen that we could potential use if
someone has a neat idea for cooking ourself.

They open up at 9 in the morning and they have both on friday and
saturday evening some christmas celebration in a part of their space
which enables us to stay technicly almost as long as we feel fit enough
to hack along. I suggest to go out for dinner at 6 or 7 and maybe come
back for two more hours or such, we are quite flexible about that here.

So I hope to see you soon, and the room is big enough to hold more than
just the few that signed up so far. If you feel adventurous and
spontanous, be invited to drop by too!

Let's finalize the agenda until tomorrow evening. We have
<> as system to play with for the weekend thanks
to zobel/DSA so if we want to test something specific please give me or
symoon a call so we can copy over stuff prior to the meeting to reduce
waiting time.

This mail goes out in Cc to the local debienna group (Debian Vienna) as
invitation for helping with people getting around. Like mentioned, I
won't be available on saturday morning so I'll need a responsible person
that will be the organizing and contact point for that time.

<dholbach> Last day of starting in
34 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom on
* ScottK hands dholbach an "r".
<Rhonda> Are they fundraising again?

  • [Debienna] WwwSprint: Location fixed, Gerfried Fuchs, 12/13/2010

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